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3 Travel Considerations If You Have a Lung Disease

Having a lung disease doesn’t have to hinder summer vacation plans. As temperatures continue to rise, the British Lung Foundation offers three key pieces of advice for individuals with lung disease who are planning to travel.


It is essential to prepare for any special transportation-related accommodations that will be needed. Whether traveling by plane, bus, train or ship, the operator should be contacted ahead of time if an individual is traveling with oxygen. Each transportation provider has varying oxygen policies and may require travelers to bring special equipment. Determining if wheelchair access or assistance is provided to assist individuals boarding or leaving the vehicle is also another factor to plan for.


Location can have a significant impact on traveling. An individual’s healthcare team should be consulted before planning a vacation to ensure they can safely travel to specific destinations. For instance, “places at high altitudes may cause problems for people with lung diseases as their lungs will need to work much harder to breathe.” The terrain also impacts the ability to physically travel. Individuals must consider the availability of oxygen and medical assistance while visiting certain locations.


It is advised to take all required medications for the duration of the trip, as well as “extra in case of emergencies.” The British Lung Foundation also recommends taking a list of all required medications to show medical professionals in the case that an individual falls ill during the trip.

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