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Tips for The Day to Stop

  • Throw away you cigarettes and ashtrays and lighters.

  • Clean your clothes to rid them of cigarette smell.

  • Stay away from smokers until your resolve gets stronger. (This is a temporary measure only).

  • Clean your car inside and out. Keep a different air freshener in your car. Baking soda will absorb many odors from the car if left overnight and then vacuum up.

  • Go to bed early.

  • Keep yourself busy.

  • Make a list of projects that you never had the time for. Save this for when you really need to keep your mind off cigarettes.

  • Save the money that is budgeted for cigarettes in a jar and use this money for your rewards.

  • Take quitting hour-by-hour, day-to-day. Thinking that you are never ever going to smoke again can be overwhelming to some.

  • Take a walk or a mental break as often as possible.

  • Refocus your thoughts often.

  • Refuse to allow anything to change your mind.

  • Smoking is no longer an option.