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Tips for Getting Through the COVID-19 Pandemic for COPD

Refill your medication, contact your oxygen supplier and read the Disaster Preparedness Plan Booklet. These are among the recommendations offered by the COPD Foundation to those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) who may have concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. No one is immune to the virus but, like seasonal influenza and pneumonia, COVID-19 poses a greater risk to people with underlying conditions such as COPD.

The foundation also recommended refilling medications as soon as possible and keeping at least a 30-day supply available. If a pharmacy runs out of a medicine, patients should check with their healthcare provider for alternatives. The foundation also recommended that patients contact their oxygen supplier about how they are preparing for a possible COVID-19 outbreak in their area.

Some patients living with COPD may rely on caretakers such as visiting nurses or aides. In those cases, they should ask what precautions are being taken to prevent a potential spread of the COVID-19 to make sure they don’t bring any semblance of infection into a patient’s home. Most importantly, the foundation stressed that patients with COPD who begin experiencing symptoms of a possible COVID-19 infection should seek medical attention out immediately.

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