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Tips to Cope with the Urge to Smoke

  • Realize that this is an urge, and it will pass. Just like a hunger pang.

  • Do some problem solving: Where was I when got the urge? What was I thinking? Who was I with? What was I doing? Etc.

  • Remind yourself why you wanted to quit.

  • Anticipate triggers and prepare to avoid them.

  • Keep your hands busy.

  • Find activities that make smoking difficult.

  • Put something other than a cigarette in your mouth.

  • Change your surroundings when the urge happens.

  • Look at your watch. Urges will last only a couple of seconds. Be aware that they will return.

  • Be prepared for first times: First vacation, first time home alone, first time being bored, first long car ride.

  • Change your daily routine in order to break your habits and patterns.

  • Use positive thoughts only. You are not giving up something. You are giving your body a great present.

  • Keep a daydream ready to go. You don’t have to act on it, but planning one can be fun.

  • Practice relaxation exercises.